About us

"Thakur Financial Services, a trusted name in Financial Service"


Thakur Financial Services is service provider in Financial Matters. We are dealing following Services:
  • Leading Mutual Fund Distributor for all Major Mutual Fund Houses.
  • Share Sub-broker.
  • Consulting in Share Trading to High Net worth Individuals.


In enterprise and in business as in life, it is the team spirit that succeeds. To set out aims and objective in works many limit out targets. Yet we may state what we firmly believe in.

To provide the greatest satisfaction possible to own employees within own competitive economy through proper personnel practices.

  • To convert every prospects into a customer and every customer into a client.
  • To support every team member recruited in our Team to.
  • To train out personnel for the present job and develop them for future betterment on merits.
  • To serve each other section of the organization to enable the game to be won.
  • To facilitate peak and top performance in each department.
  • To take to felt propelled, result oriented activity.
  • To forget personalities and buildup a spirit of belonging and emphasize loyalty to the organization for its betterment.
  • To observe the trends and take measures to adjust oneself and the organization to changing climate.